for the weekend

gently falling snow
dances and twirls with the wind
nature's loving waltz


During the last bit of snowfall, I was able to take some photos of snow on the trees.
The first mandala design below, was created from a photograph I took of the sunrise
 peaking through the snow covered trees out my front door. 
The second mandala design below, was created from my photograph of fresh snow
 on the pines at the edge of the woods near my house. 
I love how these both turned out. 

Making these mandalas is a lengthy process where I take my original photographs and tweak them in several programs to create a zen-like design. Lately, I've been adding some of my "spirograph" like designs on top of them as well. It is very restful to do; and I hope the folks that see them also gain that sense of peace.
See you all on Monday.