It's "Maker Monday!".... my weekly post where I feature something the daughter and/or I are working on.... 
and (hopefully) encourage the maker lifestyle.

I am getting to the point where I am almost done going through all the extraneous stuff
 in the studio space, and clearing out things to sell and such. 
Which means, I am narrowing down things to the point where I feel I can work 
on projects that I have been looking forward to working on. 

One of the pieces, is this one.... just completed this weekend.
I was gifted this gorgeous FRENCH reliquary piece (the cross) to work with.
An antique, it is made of bronze and enameling, with stamping on the back.
Being large, it demanded something impressive.
I decided to make it into a full 5 decade rosary piece, suitable for wearing as a doubled necklace,
 or even hanging on the wall. It is a massive 32 inches long. 
I have complimented the cross with vintage cobalt blue glass beads, vintage faceted cat's eye glass beads 
... and lots of brass and bronze beads and findings. The OUR FATHER bead is a gorgeous antique faceted Czech glass bead,
 accented with brass bead caps. All the wire is a tarnish resistant brass, fashioned into an infinite pattern. 
This makes the rosary much stronger, and less likely to break. 
The wiring alone took me over 8hrs to complete.
The centre, is a hand cast bronze piece by a fellow Etsy artist.

This attention to detail, and intentional use of specific materials is what I strive for in all my work.
I hope you like it. 
See you all tomorrow.