some times.... you just have to go with the flow.
We are in the interesting position of trying to earn a living/ being self employed... while taking care of mom.... and while dealing with (my own) chronic illness...  and there are episodes where my time management skills  and my energy levels are a bit lacking. I apologize for missing the posts for Friday and the weekend. We did, however, have a great visit from one of our furry friends, who decided to spend the weekend with us. It was great to have a dog in the house again.

And here it is Monday.
I must say, having been off the computer for a couple days was really strange (and a bit overwhelming when I did log on this afternoon) ---it's funny how you get so used to doing things.
We did manage to watch several movies
-Season 1 of Peaky Blinders: really, really good
-Weekend: really bad. Turned it off after several minutes.
-Is the Man who is tall Happy?: a documentary/ animated interview with Naom Chomsky. Interesting, but a bit hard to follow because of the interviewer's accent.
-Wild: sort of an abrupt ending, but pretty good

Today would normally be a "Maker Monday" post... where I feature something the daughter or I are working on... and encourage the maker lifestyle. This weekend, I (finally) finished going through and sorting the last of the things in my studio space. I have tubs of things (mostly books) that I will be listing on Ebay, and some great things to incorporate into collage and jewelry making. It is very exciting.
I also received a couple orders of beads in the mail.... and am so excited to be working with these new shells, pearls and gemstones.
Top photo: Grey, white, peach Heishi shell beads, Campitos (mexico) Turquoise, Spiny Oyster shell beads and freshwater pearls.
Bottom photo: stunning faceted Pink Sapphire beads, and raw pink Tourmaline chunks.

I am however, quite exhausted. ... so I will leave you for today.
Stay positive... keep creating! ... and I will see you all tomorrow.