I seem to be moving in slow motion this week.
I am sure it is the chilly, rainy weather we've been having... sprinkled with episodes of sleet and snow. 
But the sun has also been shining in rare moments.... and I need to concentrate on that.

Today I am doing laundry for my mom... and chores around my house a bit.
Nothing exciting... but it s this "busy work" that has me trudging along. And that is good... because my inclination is to crawl back into my bed. I have just been exhausted this week... and not with good reason in particular. Alas... some times it just is. 
And that is ok... it just means that when I do get to feeling a bit better... there are some exciting things to be working on.

Today I got a short note in the mail from a lady from Indonesia, that I've ordered beads from off and on for the past decade.
It read, "Dear Elaine, Many thanks for your order. I hope that these come full of good Bali energy and inspiration. 
Warm, best wishes from the Island of the Gods." 
And... so I would pass on to all of you readers... that may you also find the warmth today. 
Let it inspire you and keep you moving along.
See you all tomorrow.