It's "Maker Monday!".... my weekly post where I feature something the daughter and/or I are working on.... and (hopefully) encourage the maker lifestyle.

This weekend, we concentrated on the studio (basement). 
It's been a long work in progress, and I suspect it will never really be where I would like it to be... 
and that is ok. It's a work space. 
Half of the space is pretty much dedicated to work spaces for jewelry, painting, sculpting 
(and a section where the washer & dryer, etc are). This is, as they say, where the "magic" happens.
The other half has been in various stages of disarray since we moved here. 
Currently, it is still housing boxes of books that are going to a friend. 
It also has things I have listed online for sale, and the front area...
 is now designated as a workshop area where we do the upcycle projects.

It's getting there. 
Time to go through more stuff.... list more stuff... make more stuff.
See you all tomorrow.