It's "Maker Monday!".... my weekly post where I feature something the daughter
 and/or I are working on.... and (hopefully) encourage the maker lifestyle.

This week, I haven't had as much time in the studio... 
I am still in a flare of my lupus... and I find that I can only do things in brief snatches of time.
That said... it is perfect for making earrings.
They don't take horribly long to make, and the stones are so gorgeous
 that it cheers me just to see them and work with them.
About once a year, I place an order with a lady I know in Thailand who has the most stunning stones for earrings.  
These 3 pair are ones I finished this week, with stones from her.

Dendritic agates, luxuriously wire wrapped in sterling wire, and accented with some antique
 carved bone beads that I had from my grandmother's stash of beads.

Blue coral and orange coral! Set together in an intarsia pattern, and accented with some
 very blue Lapis Lazuli rounds. And of course, lots of sterling silver wire and my signature ball end ear wires.

I have never seen Lapis Lazuli this rich in color. 
You can even see pyrite/bronze flecks in it that are just amazing. 
I have accented them with more Lapis rounds and some Hematite beads.
I love making longer earrings... and these stones are just amazing.

Keep creating folks! 
See you all tomorrow.