This year, perhaps more than ever before... we have realized the importance of clearing out,
using things as much as you can (and in new ways)... and of salvaging and fixing things up.
To this end, I thought I would do a series of posts on clearing out and organizing, and living a simpler life.
I hope to do one once a week (Check out previous posts on Thursdays!)


A lot of what is considered "clearing out" ... is actually narrowing down what is really important to you... and getting rid of the rest. Sometimes, you can pass it on to other family members, friends, or even sell stuff.
The "hard" part... is know what you love... knowing what you want to concentrate your free time working on...
and what you would rather not live without.

As artists, it is easy to see the potential in everything.... so it's hard to unload things
everything has brilliance and excitement!
But the reality is that there is only so much time, so much you have energy to work with...
and it really is in your best interests to narrow it down. Even though you are getting rid of things... you are gaining so much more.

To this end, this week I organized some of my beading and jewelry supplies.
These are earrings that I made that have recently sold, and another batch that is in the Etsy shop.
Plus!!! ... more to come.

I also finished a crocheted scarf (top photo)... which my mom quickly grabbed for herself.

See you all tomorrow.