This year, perhaps more than ever before... we have realized the importance of clearing out,
using things as much as you can (and in new ways)... and of salvaging and fixing things up.
To this end, I thought I would do a series of posts on clearing out and organizing, and living a simpler life.
I hope to do one once a week (Check out previous posts on Thursdays!)


I think I am (finally) at a point where I've gone through everything in the studio space.
Today I listed the last of the memorabilia I had ... which is good.
What's left (to unload) is a HUGE bunch of books that I intend to sell on Ebay.
These are books that I previously separated from all the boxes of books that we had...
because they had collectible or resell value.
The "bonus" of selling off the extra stuff you have, is that:
1. spare money
2. more room in your place
3. less stuff to worry about taking care of

And it's been raining off and on all day...
So I've warmed up some beef stew I had in the freezer for a day such as this.
Enjoy your evening... I'll see you all tomorrow.