I've been in a lupus flare since around Halloween... and I think this has probably been the worst one I've had to date. It's been rough. Now, that said... there are so many who have it far worse, so I am not complaining. If anything... it is merely frustrating 
how little I seem to be getting done.
For a more "Type A" personality... it can be devastating. There are days when I am only awake for a couple hours... 
and days on end where I don't sleep at all.... but can't seem to do anything either... so I just wander about. And then there are the disturbing dreams... the night terrors... the arthritis stuff... immune/ allergy stuff...all the physical stuff that goes along with having an immune system that sees itself as the enemy.  It's just ... maddening. There are so many things I want to do... so many things I need to get done... and it's just not happening.
On the other hand, I've snuggled our new puppy endlessly...
read lots of books
saw some movies (thank goodness for Netflix)
studied my jewelry books
sketched out endless jewelry designs
surfed the internet
... and today I took a walk in the woods.

We are a little "behind" things a bit here on the hill. We still have tons of violets, Forget-me-knots.... and leaves of wild trout Lily. 
Ferns are beginning to unfurl. Weird and wonderful mushrooms and fungi are all about. It's amazing. 
And it was just what I needed.

See you all tomorrow.