It's been a lazy Tuesday, here.
Sleep is coming in 4hr batches... and it's a bit hard to get it together today.
And, it's chilly and rainy today... which makes me want to just burrow in.

Late in the afternoon on the 28th, we were adopted by a little furr-ball that we have named Zerro.
It's been a year since my beloved Sabrina passed away, and we have sorely missed having a pup in the house. 
I was looking for a senior.... a rescue...a medium-sized dog... and a girl. 
Zerro (knick-named ZeeZe) is all boy... and we are not sure how old he is, or his breed.... but he is perfect. 
Which goes to show, that the Universe knows what we need sometimes better than we do ourselves. 
He is named Zerro, because he was rescued on a night when it was 3 below zero degrees out. 
Horrifically matted... chained permanently in a yard... he was badly neglected. He was at a local rescue for a short time, awaiting the "go ahead" to put him up for adoption. We just adore him. He is about 25lbs of love and attitude, and sort of reminds me of Sprocket (the dog) from Jim Henson's "Fraggle Rock" show. At any rate, we are all settling in to some semblance of a routine here... and it is wonderful. So far we have learned that he LOVES toys, soft blankets, and dinner. He is very well mannered (well, most of the time)... and howls like Snoopy! when the fire whistle blows. 
Welcome home, little dude.