We've done this for almost a full year!
Back in June 2016, I started a new "series" of posts... if you will... 
 And so on Wednesdays; I've been posting an old photograph to inspire your creativity.
Write a poem!   
 Plot out a short story.
 Have inspiration for a piece of art or composition.... let your artistic soul shine.
--and occasionally I write my own sordid story or poem. 
 (you can click on the photos in this post to make it larger to see).


Folks have been graduating all over the country for the past couple of weeks.
Graduating from High School, trade schools, tech schools, colleges...
It's amazing really. Education is very important, whether you continue learning through self study or more formal ones... it is key.

This is KC, according to the notation on the back.
I am not sure the year, although by the buildings behind her, I would guess the 1930s?
What story would you create about her?