Well, it's happened. 
After 22 years of selling things online (onEbay, Etsy, and for awhile on Amazon)... I got a "bad" review.
I will say, that I did everything I could to rectify things when a customer wrote me and told me that one of the two gemstone charms she ordered had arrived, and it didn't look to her, like the one in the photo (which is was). I sent her a replacement charm for the one she was unhappy with, and let her keep the one she didn't like (or pass on to someone else)... along with yet another one I had sent her as free as a gift with her original order. She still left a review of 1 out of 5 possible stars.
A few years ago, this would have absolutely crushed me. I strive for happy customers, and it is my goal to always do the best I can for folks. That said... in some instances, you can do everything right... and things will still end on a sour note. And you know what? That is ok. It is part of being human, and having other humans interacting with you. Sometimes it's ok... .some times it's not. People are unpredictable. People can be stubborn and confusing; we are a hot mess. It's ok. Life goes on.
Do the best you can.... let it go.

In other news... I had intended to make some water-themed jewelry for an upcoming fundraiser, raising money to get out local town pool up and running. However, time was coming down to the event... and being still in a Lupus flare, my energy is very little... and few and far between spurts. So, instead, I decided to donate a 16x16 inch photo canvas print of one of my original photographs (above). I also made up a dozen key chains (or they could be put on a backpack, purse, or zipper pull) featuring beaded Mermaids. They can sell them individually, or offer them as door prizes. 
It just seemed like the right thing to do.

So... for this "Maker Monday" post...
Keep crafting folks. Keep creating things that make you sing.
Don't let situations or folks get to you.... we all are going through things
... and need to give each other slack. We're all in this together... 

See you all tomorrow.