One thing I will say about being in a Lupus Flare... it's very unpredictable.
One day, you may get 2hrs of restful sleep... another, maybe 6hrs. Some days... there will be none... just fitful tries of restless tossing and turning. Deep sleep is often elusive... hence, why you are tired all the time. And sometimes, I have very bizarre dreams.

The latest one, involved me being in a somewhat Hogwarts-like school for gifted teens. Once a year, a student who shows the most promise is allowed to choose one of her fellow classmates or faculty & staff to be released from any bonds they may have. (some folks are apparently there as part of terms of some sort of punishment... learning better ways to control their gifts, or serving some sort of "community service."). At any rate, for some unknown reason, I was chosen, and I had 24hrs to decide on who would be released. I suffered a sudden deluge of "instant best friends" and folks willing to provide favors for said release. I was overwhelmed. I was distraught. I felt the burden of a very important decision upon me.
Ultimately, I decided to release the one person with who I felt had been truly kind to me for no reason over the course of my time at the school. This person had shared his love of music, life, poetry, and the importance of being compassionate soul to me. He also happened to be a very gruff, soft spoken, southern black man with a penchant for blues- guitar music.
Time for the "great release" ceremony arrived. I announced my choice to the dismay of hundreds... perhaps thousands... as their cries echoed off the hallowed walls. Suddenly, my friend somehow morphed into the likeness of Alan Rickman (apparently his true self)... oh... and he happened to be a vampire.

There is more to the dream... but I will save you the details.
I don't know why I have such vivid dreams... but there you go.
And how was your day??? LOL.

See you all tomorrow.