Yesterday, I awoke with a migraine... and lost the majority of the daytime.
Waking from a nap in the afternoon, I went to the studio to discover some nasty "creepy crawlies" about.... so I ended up getting a bit OCD about cleaning. I got 1/2 of the basement fairly well swept and wiped down... including the rafters of the ceiling and such. Needless to say, I was exhausted but feeling a bit better about the whole thing late last night.

Around midnight, I was talking with the daughter when I noticed some fluttering at the window, and went outside to investigate. We had 2 gorgeous Luna Moths! I have never seen them around the house here before, so that was pretty amazing. Even ZeeZe was impressed.

I guess I was pretty restless, because I only got a couple hours of sleep... but awoke this am to some gorgeous skies...
and the sounds of the Fisher Cat in the distance. Pretty fantastic! ... oh, and today is the hubby's birthday...
See you all tomorrow.