So the other night, after having a rough several days... and finally having enough of the drama that is ever-present on Facebook, TV and internet; in regards to memes, political commentary, religious zealotry, financial woes, and just general disregard for our fellow man and fur friends. It can be chaotic out there. And so, I made a commentary, expecting lots of negative backlash...

"so. Here's the deal. I am disappointed with people (in general). Love a few select (like really). Am all about art, love, peace, and puppies, living simply, handcrafted and homemade. That's it. I will be concentrating these things.. and crafting a creative life... from here on out. No more politics. It's all about helping my neighbor. Helping those who need help, those who can't voice for themselves. Helping my friends.... If you've done me wrong, yes, I know it. What comes around, goes around. If not in this world, you WILL answer for it. You can't be an asshat all your life and get away with it forever. ...Barter. Trade. Share. Live. Love. Do what you can. Enjoy a simple life. Be one with nature. Enjoy the wonderful things we have ... gifts from the heavens. Save for future generations what you can. Shine a light. Call me a hippie. Call me optimistic. Whatever. I don't care. oh... and READ A BOOK. Turn off your TV. Sit in the woods and marvel at creation. Peace."

Now, this is not to say that I am not going to do what I can -- sign petitions, etc. It just means that for folks like me that are more empathic, I have to  limit what I allow into my space... and put a reign on the negativity. I am going to try to effect change in my small area of the world as much as I can... and trust that if everyone of us does our little bits..... we will surely encompass the world with love and compassion.

And so, tonight, I had my mother up for dinner (we shared a nice steak, some zucchini soup, delicious open face tomato and cheese sandwiches on homemade bread). Afterwards, we were talking and having tea and orange-aid... when our favorite lady deer strolled through the yard. It was wonderful.... and re-enforced to me that peace is a conscious choice we must all make. We will be rewarded.