It is early, and I haven't had much sleep. But in general, this week has been a bit better. I find that I am able to work for short periods, with frequent stops to rest or nap. It's slow going, but it's on the upswing. 

I am so grateful for the studio space. There have been times when I had work spaces in the home, and times when I had them other places... and for me... it works out so much better to have them in the house where I can stop in for a moment or two to work on something. It is not a perfect space, and there are many things I would like to do to make it more comfortable and functional... but it is just wonderful to have it. 
Last night I had a spurt of energy, and made up a few gemstone charms for the Etsy shop. I love making these... and it makes me happy that I can provide awesome stone bead charms to folks who would not have use for a whole strand.

And of course, I am extremely grateful for ZeeZe. He has been my constant buddy since arriving here on April 28th. He naps when I nap... he eats when I eat. He follows me to the studio and reminds me when I need to take a break. He is just the sweetest. .. and I adore him. 

See you all tomorrow. 

((chrysoprace coin bead, Chinese writing stone, orange banded agate, howlite and hematite stack, riverstone stack, black moonstone, silver leaf agate stack, Angelite oval, Chiastolite, orange sponge coral stack, red dagger branch coral, golden coral stack, and golden rutilated quartz))