Quote for the day:"Try not to become a man of success.
Rather become a man of value."-- Albert Einstein


Today was not a good day.
Mom was quite confused, hadn't eaten well, had a headache... and was miserable.
I had just finished her laundry, and had cleaned out her garage a bit.
But, I had too much work on my plate, and not enough time/ patience/ energy.... ugh.
Sometimes we break.

So.. I brought her up for dinner. Then we ran errands together in the car.
Then we drove around town and saw the construction... and visited with a person she knew.
Came home, and my pup had made a puddle in the house (am sure he just knew I was having a rough day). 

I am not a person of success.
But... I am a person of value. 
I try really hard every.single.day to do the "right thing"...

Some days are harder than others.