This weekend, we concentrated on clearing out the basement a bit...
It doesn't look like much... but we tore down some very disgusting insulation that was in the rafters... 
swept a ton of cobwebs and such out... and moved things around. I think we've donated a small ton of books
 and collectible magazines to a friend who has opened a used book shop. 
The white table is holding items waiting to be picked up by a friend... 
as is the grey tub in front of the rolling shelf unit.
Chairs on the wall are going to be fixed up for our upcycle projects.
And there is a lovely stack of wood waiting to be used for projects... as are some other furniture items and such on the one side. 
The wood crib (not pictured) is empty and ready for wood for this winter.
And... we have a new wooden screen door for our front door to put up.