Today has been a very hard day.
I was upset last night, over some news I heard regarding the safety of the natural beauty of our gorgeous county....
and the people who live here... and was up all night... and most of today.
 It's a hard thing. I want so badly to be involved, and to an extent, I am ... in that I share information as I get it on social media...
look up background information.. and encourage people to be informed. But.. on the other hand... I am so heartsick about so many of the decisions that have been made lately, that I am afraid if I get any more involved than I am.... my health will suffer.
(I have had multiple bleeding ulcers and a stroke in the past).  
So what do you do when you feel your world is falling apart?
Where can you run to that will be safe?
Is there a safe haven out there in the world? or it is all as messed up as anywhere else?
Where is the line you draw in the sand that tells you when to stay and fight, and when to run...
I worry for this area.
I worry for the animals... and the clear streams of fresh mountain water. I worry for the trees... and the hills... and the birds and the bugs.
I worry for them all. And I worry about the people... those who don't know.... those who have no say... those who feel stuck. 

And it was oppressively humid. .. and sticky... 
and finally...  the rain. 
I am taking this as a sign of washing away all the bad.... and trying to focus on the good.
See you all tomorrow.