I believe this is Bittersweet Nightshade, and it's growing at the edge of our yard. I think it's pretty amazing. There are lots of wild plants like these, that I remember from Biology class leaf and flower collections from high school... and it's been fun getting to know them again.

This weekend was a jumble of rain... dinner with mom... visits from family... more rain... coffee... weeding... walking.... reading... playtime with the pup... even more rain... finishing up a couple projects... And the next couple weeks will be busy as we prepare for Jim's upcoming heart procedure.

Here are a couple projects I finished (you can click on these photos to make them bigger)
--a few scarves for a fundraiser come fall

--and some earrings for a fundraiser this coming weekend.... made from some pretty yummy turquoise. The "hoop" pair, are Arizona turquoise chips, complimented with red coral from Hawaii. 
The "dangle" pair, features Fox Mine turquoise nuggets from Nevada. All the wire is sterling silver.

Anyway.... off to make some coffee and see what's on tap for today.
See you all tomorrow.