The garden is coming along, although lots of plants have been ravaged by slugs.
Yet, I am still hopeful.

The top photo is a bloom from an eggplant plant! Isn't it stunning?!
The eggs (below) are teeny, tiny, GORGEOUS Quail eggs gifted to me from a friend. 
I almost don't want to crack them and eat them... because they are so very pretty.

And below... is one of the cauliflower plants.
Almost all the leaves are destroyed by slugs... but I think the veggies will survive. 
I was thinking how very much like a garden we all are. We must nurture ourselves, make sure we have good food & water. We need sunlight... rest... and the occasional "control" of "pests" that try to interfere with our growth. And... like our garden plants... we must all persevere...
See you all tomorrow.