Today I am trying to knock things off my "list" of things to do.
The hubby, daughter and I all sat down and made a list of things we would like to do around the house... and on a personal level
... and we are prioritizing and attacking :)
I am also trying to find a happy compromise between resting alot in order to regain some health... working on stuff that just needs to get done (copying photos, business stuff)... and creative endeavors. It's always a struggle with those of us who are self-employed, I suppose.
The balance between doing things to keep an income coming in... and doing things that feed  your soul.

But first for today... I replanted some pots on the porch. 
They were looking a bit sad... and it's always good to play in the dirt. See you all tomorrow.


The photos for today's post are of Jewelweed.
Lots of folks know them as "Touch Me Nots" ... because the flowers will spontaneously pop off when touched.
It seems to be a favorite snack of a couple deer that come to the yard.
Jewelweed is a native plant, Impatiens Capensis, that seems to prefer shady areas.
I have seen it in both yellow and orange colors... although we only have the orange ones here in the yard.