Books books BOOKS!
Yes, it's an addiction at this point probably. But I come by it honestly. 
My paternal grandmother was a voracious reader, as was my dad... and both had collections of books in the 10s of thousands. No exaggeration. 

Since moving back to PA in the late fall of 2013; we almost doubled our collection with sales and such... then cut it way back down after selling and gifting loads of them. right around Christmas, I had a stack of about 80 books that I wanted to skim/ read before I let them go to someone else... and I've gotten it down now to about 30 books or so. (see photo at the top). PLUS... I have a stack on my bedside table, some of which are from the library.

-- and then there is this stack (below). 
The local authorities have ramrodded through without much public comment or knowledge a Fracking Water Waste treatment center. .. .which bothers me no end. I won't get into it here, but I figured I needed to be more informed on the subject so I can adequately fight them.
So... This is what I found in used books on Amazon on the subject.. along with a couple books from the library.

Looks like I have lots of reading to do!
See you all tomorrow for my weekend post.