Almost exactly a year ago, I did a blog post about weeding through the books in the house.
I made a stack in the living room... and it was my intention to read them over the course of the coming year. (see post here).

I will admit, that some of those books I merely skimmed. Either I had read them before,
or they just weren't what I was interested in, or just didn't capture my attention at the time.
This weekend, I read "The Thinking Woman's Gide to Real Magic"... LONG! at over 500 pages.
Not bad, not awesome... but kept my interest.
This is what is left of the books I need to read (this stack is on my bedside table).

And here is what we have left in the house...  a couple stacks of Jim's work and reference books,
one big bookcase in the living room... and one large bookcase in the kitchen. That's it.
Which means, I've read about 80 books from around the house,
plus a dozen or so books on fracking and environmental concerns, plus (however many) books I've read from our local library.
That's about 2 books a week, on average. Not bad. Makes me feel like maybe I actually have gotten something done this year after all...
See you all tomorrow.