Today we had a really interesting HALO around the sun... with several "Sun Dogs" as we called them in New Mexico. 
My hubby came home from running errands, and said... "Get your camera and come here quick!".. LOL.
It was incredible... and seemingly right over my house! 

It's an unusually hot day as well... and I find that silly things are wearing me out... but alas.
I was able to get a few things made in the studio this weekend; and am excited about photographing and listing them into the Etsy shop. There will be 3 pair of earrings, all of which feature charms by Vincent Cav of Inviciti Jewelry. There are also 3 pendulum sets to photograph and list, and 3 more that are almost finished. I also made a Sterling Bar Necklace, and complimentary earrings that have the most stunning Herkimer Diamonds on them. 
Every day I get to do work I love... and it makes me happy.
See you all tomorrow.