I hope you are all enjoying your long Labor Day weekend.

This morning, I awoke at 4am, after only a few hours of sleep... and so I was able to read an interesting biography of John Wayne
... and watch the fog roll in. No sunny morning here, but gorgeous just the same.

And this weekend I was able to finish up a couple of projects.
First, a scarf that I hope to list in the Etsy shop later on. It is part of a series of scarves that all feature poly-blended yarns
 in a "mix" of variegated colors. The patterns end up being quite spectacular. 
They are long on warmth and strong on the fun!

I also worked on a classically styled SET, composed with potato shaped freshwater pearls... 
big and scrumptious... accented with Honey Yellow Jade. The larger round beads are carved, and absolutely beautiful
... as is the focal bead in the front and center. I have made matching earrings. 
This set will be donated to a fundraiser coming this winter. 

But alas... the coffee is done, and so I will enjoy a cuppa and probably take a long morning nap.
See you all tomorrow.