Some days are hard... I am not complaining.... just saying that chronic illness has it's moments, for sure. That said... it's gorgeous out there. 
The sun is shining, the birds are singing... and we still have bees nibbling on chive blossoms and calendula in the garden.
And sometimes things go really well... and you just happen to be at the right place at the right time
(like with the photo above).

I've been trying to list more things to sell, and trying to finish up some of the (seemingly endless) projects in the studio...
One of the jewelry items I finished are these Sterling silver earrings and necklace that feature stunning Herkimer Diamonds.
 I love them.... and their clarity is pretty amazing (although hard to photograph). 

I had also donated the set below to our local Habitat for Humanity to raffle, but things went a bit wonky...
so I will be selling it directly, and donating ALL the proceeds to Potter County Habitat.
This set is all Sterling Silver. The necklace is comprised of vintage filigree chain, Opalite, faceted Carnelian, Swarovski crystals and a glorious Crab Agate focal bead. Earrings are more of the faceted Carnelian and bits of the chain. Totally gorgeous... totally available. 
Contact me to purchase (value of the set is about $50).

I've also been working on some new items for the Etsy shop, 
such as these envelopes and cards I made from recycled papers. 
I have 5 sets that will be available once I cut all the cards, and photograph them. 
Each set has different papers for the envelopes, and will be $6 for the set of 12 cards & envelopes.
See you all tomorrow!