So... I've been feeling like dookie all week... and have been very frustrated with myself for not getting a whole lot done... 
or at least, not doing the things I feel I should be working on.

Yesterday, and last night... I worked on organizing the kitchen a bit better. Lots of folks believe that when they organize or clear out there house, they are done. As in ... forever. But it's an ongoing process. You are always bringing more stuff in.... therefor, unless you want to be surrounded, you also have to take things out.
I've been wanting to present my spices better, but didn't really have the jars I was looking for... so I was putting it all off. Sometimes, you just have to work with what you have, even if it isn't ideal. We have tons of spices, most of them being herbs we've grown in the garden.
This is what I put together. No it's not perfect, but it's loads better than it was.
(you can click on the kitchen pictures to enlarge them if you wish)

And while I was at it, I shoveled out my cupboards.
In the whole scheme of things, I only got rid of some odd jars and such... but it looks much better.
See you all tomorrow.