Happy Monday! Frankly, I am not ready for a new week. It seems like I lost the weekend... but I am not sure how... except that we have all had some semblance of a persistent stomach bug... (including little ZeeZe). Fortunately, the house is relatively clean, the laundry is mostly done, the dishes are done... and fresh coffee is on the counter. 

This week, I hope to start listing some of the Legos we finished sorting over the weekend. 
And, if all goes well... there will be lots of hours spent in the studio. 
Last week, I finished up and listed a bunch of "Seasonal Sets." These are envelopes made from a variety of scrapbook papers that feature designs depicting holidays, etc throughout the year. Each envelope has a blank white card to go with it. Sets of 12 cards/ envelopes are $6. 
I have 7 sets all-together 😊

But for now, I have a pup curled up at my side ... awaiting a tummy rub. 
See you all tomorrow.