Nature is dressed up in all her frosty finery this morning... and it is gorgeous.

For some reason, I am back to sleeping in 3hour "snatches".... mixed with very vivid dreams.... so things are a bit wonky. However, it is glorious having a little, happy, warm, furry buddy that is more than willing to nap at any given moment with me. (thank you ZeeZe). 

This week has been loaded with cooking, (getting food on sale and buying larger portions) and freezing it... getting the last bits from the garden before I prepare it for winter... cleaning... nesting... yep! winter is indeed coming. And, unfortunately, along with that comes guilt for not getting anywhere near as much done as I had wanted to this summer/ fall... why do (we) do this to ourselves? So for today... I am trying to just relax in those things I did manage to get done... and trust that it will all be ok.