Today has been such a strange, strange day... 
and I am finding that it is suddenly 7pm... and am just now doing my blog.
There seems to have been so much tragedy in the last few days...
including a murder/ suicide here; that I just can't seem to wrap my head around anything. 
Things just don't make sense... violence never does.

On the plus side, today I took a short walk with ZeeZe, and had some nice chats with neighbors and friends.
For those of you following along, we still have the remains of a massive LEGO pile on our living room floor that we are sorting... 
but thankfully, it is only about 1/6 the size it was. Yay!

For today.... I took some photos of the asters in our yard. We have pale ice blue asters, and amazing white! asters. 
There are also a very few deep purple ones down the street. It is amazing how many varieties there are -- even in this short an area.
Right now, the fire whistle blew.... the Fisher cat is screeching in the distance.. and ZeeZe is howling. 
Have a good night, and I will see you all tomorrow.