This week, I have been setting up and listing in my Ebay Shop.
I am trying to clear out some more art, craft and beading supplies... and getting ready to list some lots of Legos as well.
And... because fall is coming upon us so incredible fast... I am trying to get the last produce from our little garden in and taken care of.

Yesterday, we had a visit from some extended family... which was really nice.
And I've had a couple visits from friends from High school this week... which is super. It's so great to be able to spend time with folks like this... and I think all too often we forget how important it can be.

In other news... (and with my daughter's encouragement)... we did some DNA testing through Ancestry.com. We sent in samples from my hubby, myself, and my mother. Some of them are back... and it's been interesting to say the least. I will post more when I (hopefully) understand the results better.  Suffice it to say, I am definitely my father's daughter... with a large portion of DNA coming from England and Ireland. (not a surprise). So that whole thing where my feet and my hands are almost exactly like his, my skin tone and build are like his family?
yah. The DNA is strong. 

And below, are photos of 3 pendulums I finished up and was able to list in the Etsy shop last night.
I really like making these. They are super well balanced, and charged by the full moon this week.
See you all tomorrow.