for the weekend

This weekend was our local Falling Leaves Outdoor Show here in Potter County, and it was wonderful! The weather (for the first time in many years) co-operated... and we had a nice sunny day for all the festivities. The annual parade, vendor booths, street fare, educational tents, demonstrations... it was all fantastic. It was awesome to see so many people out and about and enjoying the days.

If you follow along on my Facebook page, there are more photos... although I didn't take near as many this year as I usually do.

And afterwards, we had an amazing dinner...I had an incredible Maple-Bacon-CheeseBurger, medium well, with crispy, tasty, BACON and smoked cheese! and some kind of maple syrup reduction that was just delish! and a side of handcut fries. Totally amazing!
...and... we all went to visit "Grandma Shirlee" ... one of my most amazing friends, who simply adores ZeeZe (and he adores her too).
All in all... a stellar weekend!