These past few days have been a balancing act.... a bit of a juggling act.... well, you get the idea.
(hence, the photo)

Mom is getting settled a bit more in her new room at our house, and we think we may have found a nice little camper/tiny home for my daughter... we'll see. Of course, things are in flux, and will be for quite a bit I am sure. Today I was able to move most of her clothing up to her new room, along with her indoor plants. Tomorrow, she and I hope to go through the clothing and set aside things she won't/ can't wear.. or is no longer interested in keeping. 

I also hope to be making a bunch of new things for the Etsy shop for the holidays... so please stay tuned. The past week or so I have been working on a bunch of envelopes. Here are a few of them -- hunting and fishing, really old maps, calendars (Vargas art and Ireland)... 

Have a good night and I'll see you all tomorrow.