I must admit... I didn't get much done today.
But I did give a shower to mom's mammoth Christmas Cactus that I brought up from her house last night. I bought this plant when I was only about 8yrs old. I had gone to a church Bazaar at the Presbyterian church and for 25cents, I got this fabulous baby plant in a styrofoam cup.
Needless to say, it is larger... and about 45yrs older. It practically filled my tub.

I also got a much needed... and much appreciated nap (as did my mom and ZeeZe).
In other news... my daughter found this photo of my dad (he is on the right) in an old book at my mom's. 
I am guessing that my dad is about 14 or 15? 
I have no idea who the other guy is... but it sure is cool. 
See you all tomorrow.