I've been in a Lupus flare for over a year now (it was a year at Halloween)... and it's been rough. The last bad flare I had, lasted 18 months... and whether I want to or not, I must anticipate that this will be the same. So for now, as much as it bothers me emotionally, I must rest. 
It is frustrating to say the least... to want to do things... to feel guilty for not doing "enough"... and yet being completely worn out. But it is what it is. 

So, when I was awake from 2am on, the puppy decided to snuggle with me on the couch... and we watched the stars twinkle.... 
the bear wander the yard.... and the moon shine on. It was amazing. 
This morning, there was a nice frost coating the yard... and it was if a fairyland scene had appeared out of nowhere. 

Today.... it's a tea and potato chips kind of day....
see you all tomorrow.