It's been a busy several days. 
We continue to work a little bit at a time on my mom's "new" room. 
There are now cold & light blocking curtains, her little tv is hooked up .. 
and we have more of her stuff up here. 
The tree is all decorated for the holidays (and has been up since the 1st)... 
and we got a gorgeous wreathe from a local crafts-person for our front door (see below).

And we've also been trying really hard to enjoy some "downtime" when we have it... 
as evidenced by ZeeZe's photo below 💚

Today, being Monday... I tried to get all the usual stuff for the week done: laundry, dishes, vacuuming and dusting, sweeping, collecting the recycling, watering/trimming plants, checking mail, checking my Etsy and Ebay shops... etc. I also helped mom get ready, as she is going to an event tonight at the school. 
I have so much work to catch up for my Etsy business... that I am a bit overwhelmed... 
but it will come. It will come. 
And for now... there are other priorities. 
See you all tomorrow.