...yesterday we had a family dinner at our house, and a good time was had by all...
Today it is still a bitter cold temp outside, and I am grateful to be able to stay inside where it is warmer.
There are days when I get lots of things accomplished, and days when I don't...
today is a 'don't' kind of day... and that is alright. 
I have swept, vacuumed, done dishes and laundry... but am thankful that I made a huge pot of soup
 last night from some of the leftovers in the fridge, as that is what we are eating today.

If you follow along on my facebook page, you know I have also been trying to post old photos of family (mostly my mom's side at the moment).
As she is living with us all the time, I try to find things I hope she finds interesting and enjoyable... so we've been going through a few photos. 
But for tonight.. I am hoping for a large cuppa tea and a book.
See you all tomorrow.