Back in June 2016, I started a new "series" of posts... if you will... 
 And so on Wednesdays; I've been posting an old photograph to inspire your creativity.
Write a poem!   
 Plot out a short story.
 Have inspiration for a piece of art or composition.... let your artistic soul shine.
--and occasionally I write my own sordid story or poem. 
 (you can click on the photos in this post to make it larger to see).


Like me today... Frank always felt like he was "a day late and a dollar short."
Last to be picked by teams in his youth... never had a date for the prom...
his first car was a lemon, sold by a shady car dealer in the next town over.

He just couldn't get a break.
He tried to join the military, but was rejected because of his flat feet.
He dated a girl he worked with, Florence, for 3yrs... and when he went to propose... discovered she had had another boyfriend all along when she handed him an invitation to her wedding the next month.
He worked every day, but time after time he was looked over for promotions.
Even his dog preferred the company of the family next door... often leaving the house in the morning and returning at suppertime.
Through it all... he got by.
He enjoyed the little things.
Tv dinners while watching his favorite shows...
bowling with the league on Tuesdays...
fishing in the Keys with his brother Fred...

After retirement, Frank moved to Florida, where his life actually improved.
He joined a "seniors" group, and met a vivacious little blond named Phyllis.
They married, and began touring the USA, one casino at a time in a baby blue Winnebago.
Sometimes they won big... some times they didn't win at all..
but they always had fun.
They got a cat, that Phyllis named Sinatra... and they would often play records and dance in the parking lots of whatever casino they were at, while Sinatra looked at them from the window of the Winnie. Life was sweet...