The other night, we had a family meeting and reviewed our goals and plans for the coming few months. What with having my mom move in several months ago, life has been a bit chaotic... especially with all the holidays and such as well. Money has been extremely tight, and there is so much to be done (as is normal for most folks I would assume)... that it is quite easy to become overwhelmed and full of despair. Plus, I feel so very behind on things... that I am afraid that I will never "catch up"... or whatever that means... and my anxiety level has been high.
So we have made/updated our vows to keep each other feeling loved and encouraged.... and more on task of the things we want & need to accomplish. To that end, we have devised a tentative 'schedule' of sorts... with the intention of allowing each of us to have time to be creative and work on things important to us... as well as having allotted time to work on things that need to get done. Being self-employed is difficult... and more so with both of us being primarily self employed; but we both realize how very important it is to us... so we are doing what we can to make it work. We are a team. .. . and a good one at that.