well, it's a New Year!... welcome 2018.

If you've been following along on my facebook page, you will know that I had been doing daily photos for the  month of December that all featured Lego minifigs that I have. I am not sure I will continue doing them every day... but I did one yesterday, and I did one today (above). 
Who knows what this year will bring....

I do know that with mom now living with us (since early November)... things are a bit more problematic at times... in regards to finding time for creative endeavors... but I also know that if I don't keep living a creative life, and continue to make time for making jewelry and such
... I will go slowly but surely mad. It is what it is. 

For now, I wish you all peace and love... 
and encourage you to make sure you carve time out in your busy schedules to take care of yourself.
Make art. Take a walk. Eat well. breathe. Snuggle your pup.

See you all tomorrow.