I've had this older, cotton batted/ foam filled futon down in the studio.... thinking about what I could do with it; and it finally occurred to me that a little fuzzy bundle of fur would probably love it for a bed in the living room. So last night I chopped it up into sizable hunks, and covered it in recycled sheets. At the moment it has a quilt thrown on top; but I hope to make removable covers for it.
Funny part is, that ZeeZe knew it was for him, and wouldn't get off of it. 
So here I am sewing it together, while sitting on the floor.... dog on top of the futon. 
He never left it until I kindly asked him to move so I could put a blanket on it and position it in the room
... whereupon he immediately went back on it. 
I'm thinking he's pretty happy...