It's been sort of a bizarre day. 
We suddenly got a whole lot of snow, and the weather became much more winter-like... 
(as it probably should be).. but it was almost in the 70s just the other day... so it's strange.
And I had a doctor's appt... which means arranging care for mom while I am gone...
and the appt itself was unsettling. Some potential good news... some potential bad news...
and I am just not sure how to take it.

As you know, I have had PTSD (diagnosed back in 1989)... for many years. 
Under control for the most part, but it surprises me every so often, as is the nature of the beast. 
Taking care of mom, and being back in my old hometown, in itself, is triggering.
And I've had a general increase in issues since moving back in 2013. 
That said... it's been worse since my Lupus flare over a year ago... which is still ongoing.
They go hand-in-hand... and it's frustrating. 

For now, I just want some peace... and to be able to make stuff.
Here are some earrings I made last night.

They feature stunning lampwork BORO glass by Teresa Jones of Albuquerque.
I have accented them with opalite and blood red Swarovski crystals.
All the wire is sterling silver.