It's been a crazy, weird week... and I apologize for my irregular posting.

In brief:
My Aunt, who has been in ICU all week... is slowly getting better. I love her so, and am very grateful she is healing. My daughter had surgery, and is home and recovering. ZeeZe was sick, and was just getting over a stomach thing, when he hurt his foot/ leg jumping... so he is taking it easier than he would like. My mom has had a rough week; her confusion and agitation seem to be getting a bit worse; thankfully, she is able to rest.
And I have to go in for testing for some things... a potential new growth of cancer. 
But this morning we woke to a massive snowstorm.... a fresh blanket of white over covering us all.
It feels like a fresh start, a cleansing wash...  And with the moon almost full...
there will be a waning (hopefully) of whatever it is that has been causing a ruckus.

Photos showing what I have been working on....
Top: Earrings I've donated to the 11th Kathy Sallade Memorial Pool Tournament. All proceeds this year will be going to our local Boys & Girls Club. They are made with Sleeping Beauty Turquoise (the best!), faceted Coral from Hawaii, and Baltic Amber. The beads are handmade sterling, and are vintage Navajo made.
Next: Celtic Cross and Shamrock earrings. These are all simple drop, 
glass earrings for St. Patrick's Day. Quick and easy, and fun!
Last: These were vintage Lucite Rose pieces that I salvaged from an old set. 
I have added all new wire, findings, and magnetic clasps.