This is what is currently on my nightstand... from our local library. 
Even though ours is a small local library by most standards... our head Library makes great choices in her
yearly selections and makes fantastic use of the funds she has to work with. It's always fun to go there, and I confess,
it is hard for me to not drag even more of the books home than I do.
Like working on my jewelry, I find that I have to almost 'schedule' time to read... often late at night after everyone else has gone to bed.
It's easy for me, as I worked nights for so many years ... to stay up late...
but very difficult for me to get up the next day.
But then, that has always been the case.

It's nice to have had Kristin home more these past few days... she is supposed to be resting since she had surgery on Wednesday. And... to be honest... she is resting more than she usually does.. .but that isn't saying much. I will say, she has been very good about not lifting things more than 10pounds... which is her limit. But like me, she is anxious... even this closely after surgery, to get back to being more productive. 

Mom's memory loss is much more acute these days... often asking the same questions within only a minute or two from the last time she asked. She fixates on certain things... and has completely lost recollection of others... it would be rather interesting if it wasn't so sad. Plus she needs physical help with all her daily things, as she is unable to walk far, and not steadily. Sometimes it is beyond her ability to make it from one room to the next. Her sister has been acutely ill in Bradford Hospital... and we've all been very concerned about her. She is my mother's only living sibling, and only 3 years older than my mom. 

 ZeeZe is finally feeling a little better after jumping off the bed the other day and hurting his foot. 
I am so grateful it wasn't more serious. 
Here are a couple pair of earrings I made this weekend...

*Swarovski crystals, faceted Black Spinels and gorgeous moonstone. Lots of sterling wire and chain.
*REAL Rubies! Faceted gems from India, wire wrapped with fine gauge sterling wire.