This is an older photograph from a few years ago when we lived in Albuquerque... 
but I thought we all needed a little bit of sunshine today.

I've been trying to keep busy, in between taking care of my mom.
Things have been very crazy this week... and I am exhausted.
Fortunately, my Aunt, who was in ICU all last week... is finally on the mend, and went to a rehab facility yesterday. My daughter is slowly, but progressively healing from her surgery last week... and I am waiting results on some testing I had. It seems like things come in bunches ...
I've been working on some simple jewelry pieces... using up bits and bobs I've had lying around.
Like most all of my work, it is original, and one of a kind...which is fun.
You will not see these anywhere else.

Below: MoonStone charm dangles with Old Stock Australian Opals
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