One of the things I love to do; is to make original and one-of-a-kind pieces. 
That is one of the things I love about PMC silver clay. With it, I am able to mold and sculpt pieces directly from nature. 
For example, here is a mold that I made today from a Scottish sea urchin shell.
I wanted to test the mold making compound, because it's been awhile since I used it... and I wanted to make sure it was ok. (it's perfect).
Now, I can put the clay in the mold, fire it in the kiln, and make a very cool pendant!

The reason I wanted to test it.. was because I want to get back into making these special kinds of pieces.
I have a friend, whose dog is getting older, and she wants me to make a mold of her pup's nose... 
and then make a PMC silver piece so she can wear it on a chain. Isn't that sweet?