It's been a rough week... complicated by a profound lack of sleep since Saturday... 
but last night/ early this am I was finally able to get a bit of much needed/ greatly appreciated sleep.
Unfortunately, somehow I also managed to pull a muscle in my butt, and pinch my sciatica nerve. If it weren't so painful... I am sure there would be lots of humor in there somewhere about how only I could pull a muscle in my sleep.
The "upside" of all this... is that I have been doing more reading lately, and gone through lots of fantastic books. One of these days, I will do a post on some of the books I have read this past month or two... but for today... I am just trying to stretch my hip joint... and get some rest. 

On an aside.... the leeks we've been planting near the creek are coming up. And although we only have a few little bunches... it is my hope that someday they will take over the area and provide some great PoCo leeks to both us, and the critters. 
AND... the daughter started working in our little garden beds.... and discovered that (somehow) we have a bunch of daffodils growing in our onions. Not sure how they got there... but they sure are pretty. See you all tomorrow....