For today's post, I am going to focus on some books I've been reading.
I am not sure when I did the last post chronicling the books I've read... but I am sure it's been awhile.
(I think I am averaging 2 books a week)
So let's see if I can catch things up:

The Wisdom of Solitude/ Jane Dobisz : Interesting.. but like the author said, you can find solitude anywhere
... it doesn't have to be a mountain in Tibet
In Cold Blood/ Truman Capote : brutal. Well written
The Card Catalog: Books, Cards and Literary Treasures : just lovely.
Henry David Thoreau: A life/ Laura Walls  : I skimmed it.. because it's absolutely HUGE. But it's interesting.
The Rules of Magic/ Alice Hoffman : very good.
Literary Life: A Second Memoir/ Larry McMurtry : Well written, I just can't like the author.
A Year in the World/ Frances Meyer : interesting... but not noteworthy
Walden Pond (Photography)/ Bonnie McGrath : gorgeous photographs.
The Archivist/ Martha Cooley: Well written, but way over the top.
The Mistletoe Murder/ P.D. James : excellent, short, and easy.
Gold Dust Woman/ Stephen Davis : not authorized by Ms. Nicks.. so who knows.
Nothing that Meets the Eye/ Patricia Highsmith : wowee. Loved it.
Devotions: The collected poems of Mary Oliver : A adore Ms. Oliver's works, and this is a great collection
Sleep No More/ P.D. James : another brilliant cozy of mysteries
The Girl on the Velvet Swing/ Simon Baatz :tragic tale. Long and thorough though...
The One Inside/ Sam Shephard : The author seems to be a bit of a 'jerk'... but still worth reading.
The Gorgeous Nothings/ Emily Dickinson : lovely
It's Raining Frogs and Fishes/ Jerry Dennis: very cool. Someday I will probably buy a copy of this.
The Year of Living Danishly/ Helen Russell : I didn't like it. I think the author's presumptions dictate the whole  book.
Tales of Mystery and Imagination/ Edgar Allen Poe : this is a stunning Edition! Gorgeous plates.