It's been a very busy week... and I am eager to just relax... put my feet up... and chill.
I think the pup is right there with me 😁
Yesterday I was able to give ZeeZe a much needed trim, and he even allowed me to trim his nails and bathe him... which is awesome.
He's still on the fluffy/ moppy side ... which I adore. 
Today after running a bunch of errands and going to appointments (but it was nice to get out of the house), I treated myself to a much needed and much appreciated acupuncture visit.... and my sciatica seems greatly improved. I also stopped and picked up a few plants for some pots... and one for the yard. Every year on Earth Day we get a plant/ bush/ tree for our yard... and we missed it this year...
so I got a fabulous Salix Hakuri Nishiki bush... which I will take photos of later on once it gets adjusted. 
Anyway. For now... I have to think of something for dinner. 
Til tomorrow....